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Other Questions?

If you have a question that is not answered on this page then please feel free to contact us.


Here we have collated your frequently asked questions and provided you with some answers.

Q. How much is entrance?
A. Entrance is £12.50 before 10.30pm, £15 after.

Q. Is BGP a members only club?
A. No BGP is not a members only club and you do not have to become a member.

Q. What size do I have to be?
A. BGP do not operate a size policy and never have, everyone is welcome at our parties, so your slim friends are as welcome as you are.

Q. I want to come to a party but have nobody to attend with, will it be ok if I come along on my own?
A. Please be rest assured that you will not be the only one there alone, lots of people (men and women) attend on their own and if you wish one of our Curvy Kittens or Paradise Guys will be happy to introduce you to others.

Q. Is BGP a fetish club?
A. Most definitely not! We pride ourselves on our upstanding clean-cut image, you can be rest assured that you will have an enjoyable evening in a size friendly environment where you will feel nothing but normal.

Q. Where can I get a taxi from at BGP?
A. We have plenty of Taxi numbers please ask on reception for details.

Q. What can I wear?
A. You can wear what you like without fear of ridicule. (However BGP will not allow any excessive exposure). Torn jeans and scruffy trainers are not allowed.

Q. Why didn't my message appear on the guest book on the site?
A. All messages are vetted by the BGP office. If the contents are considered unsuitable, offensive, contain personal information or contact details, contain links or unauthorised advertising then they will be deleted or edited. In some cases we may reply to you directly.

Q. Can I purchase tickets in advance?
A. You only need to purchase tickets in advance if there is a party of 25 or more of you. In some cases we may be able to offer a discount for block bookings, in these instances payment will be required 10 working days in advance. CHRISTMAS PARTIES ARE EXTEMELY BUSY SO ADVANCE TICKET ARE ALWAYS ADVISABLE..

Q. My picture is on your Gallery How do I get it removed.
A. Simply email us with the details of the photo that you wish to have removed.

Q. What sort of music do you play at your club?
A. We play mainstream party music, the DJs will also play requests. (Our DJs do not play alternative music such as house, garage, rave, hip-hop, trance or techno).

Q. How long has BGP been going?
A) Big Girls Paradise was opened in London 16 years ago and has since expanded throughout the UK. For more information on BGP please click here.

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