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Sandy (46) Sunderland
Monday 30th April 2012 23:30

Mark (35) Sunderland - not seen you about for a chat?

Cloe (21) Bucks
Sunday 29th April 2012 20:32

Hi everyone, just found this site out, brilliant!
I'm looking to go to the next one in London, 5th May, who will be there?!
David (29) Colchester
Saturday 28th April 2012 18:15

Thanks for your reply Sarah, I appreciate that.
Yes, it is the redhead with her hair up (with a bit coming down around her face) and a red top with white flowers on. She is so pretty - is she single and does she go to most parties? I'd love to meet her.
Saturday 28th April 2012 17:29


BGP are looking for a Manager, Paradise Guys, Curvy Kittens and DJ's for BGP Scotland opening soon in Edinburgh.

Manager position requirements are someone who is bright, enthusiastic has knowledge of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, must drive and be flexible, be able to provide references upon request. This is a part-time position which could lead to full-time for the right candidate. Please email your cv to info@biggirlsparadise.com

Interviews will be held in Edinburgh the second week in May date TBC

DJ's please email c.v to info@biggirlsparadise.com

Paradise Guys and Curvy Kittens please email info@biggirlsparadise.com for an application form
Sarah (32) London
Thursday 26th April 2012 16:28

Hi David, There are a few red heads there but if you are talking about the girl with her hair up and a red top (second row, first pic) then she is a friend of mine.
David (29) Colchester
Tuesday 24th April 2012 10:51

The ginger girl from the April gallery is so so gorgeous. Who is she? And are you going in May??!?!

reza (32) London
Monday 23rd April 2012 19:08

I have been to BGP many time ... i was bit desipointed...dont know is it me or ...cant seem to chat to any beautiful ladies there ... i am bit shy but ... any beautiful ladies age 40 plus will allow me to buy drinks on the next BGP ?
reza (31) London
Monday 23rd April 2012 19:04

I love the photo from Saturday 14th April ....the 1st pic on the 3ed row lady with the blue top ... she is looking so hot .
Lianne (34) Peterhorough
Monday 23rd April 2012 10:11

Hi Michelle.
I also fancy going to the next one but like you have no one to go with. Hopefully admin will give you my e-mail so you can contact me and we can chat.
Lianne xx
Party girl (Late 30's) North London
Monday 23rd April 2012 07:51

I think I'm in love..the guys in the last pic of 4th row are gorgeous! I hope they're going on 5th May. Wow ;)
Ellie (27) UK
Monday 23rd April 2012 02:14

Hey! Really, really want to go to one of the BGP nights, but just wondering if people go on their own? Bit nervous about it, and can't see any of my friends coming along with me :(
Anna (28) Milton keynes
Sunday 22nd April 2012 22:44

Hi all, just wondered how many people tend to be at one of these events? Hoping to come along to the next because I've always hated the usual 'out' scene as a self conscious overweight woman but want to meet someone who might see my beauty. I'd be worried though if it was a small gathering is rather blend into a crowd!
Maz (27) North London
Sunday 22nd April 2012 22:42

Hi Jessica,

I live nearish to Essex so might be near you (depending where you live lol!!) and I was looking to go but in the same boat noone to go with let me know if you fancy going together? Can't make the 5th May one!!boo but can make the next one!! Take care!
debi (52) bournemouth
Sunday 22nd April 2012 02:15

im hoping to attend the london may nite , my first time, can anyone surgest a hotel very close to the venue,hoping i wont be the oldest there lol
Jessica (30) Essex
Friday 20th April 2012 19:37

Hi Tom,
YOu are on my MSN, we chatted the other day :-)
Thanks Victoria, its not the travelling there i'm worried about lol, just being there on my own lol.
On a seperate note, ive just upgraded my membership but it still says I need to upgrade. Ive tried sending a message throught the site and from my email but both wont work. Anyone help?
Victoria (46) Essex
Friday 20th April 2012 15:00

Hey Jessica from Essex, whereabouts in Essex are you from if you need any advice on travel.. Ask Admin for my email address..
ali (36) hemel hempstead
Thursday 19th April 2012 21:33

hi chris (mr american, check shirt man) i spoke to you on saturday 14 april it was my first time at a bbw event would have loved to chatted more but was not sure if you were with someone, anyway would love to chat if you are a single man xx aly
tom crowder (26) essex
Thursday 19th April 2012 19:04

(jessica 30) hi i live in essex if u wanna go to the next one with me that would be fine i havent been before and didnt fancy going on my own i go on the chat room as tom 26 essex if u wanna chat
Michelle (36) London
Thursday 19th April 2012 19:04

Hi all, looking to go to the next London party in May but really don't want to go alone. Any other females also in the same boat, please get in touch. I'm based in North West London, but happy to meet near the venue on the night.
Jessica (30) Essex
Wednesday 18th April 2012 18:35

Do many people come to the parties alone? I havent really got anyone to bring but a bit nervous about coming on my own x
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